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Furnace Installation

The Cost of Furnace Installation in Calgary

 One very comforting aspect of life that a lot of us end up taking for granted is heat. From the days when early humans were creating fires in caves to today’s high-tech HVAC installations and oil-burning furnaces, we’re a people that have long sought ways to warm ourselves against the chilly environment. In Calgary, Canada, winters can be downright brutal, and having a proper heating system is a must for anyone looking to get through the season. Though for people who need new furnaces, this might be easier said than done, once you consider pricing.  It's a sad fact of…

5 Common Furnace Repairs

With winter coming to an end, you should take the time out to give your furnace a once-over. Depending on what you might find, you could be forced to make repairs. If you do, these are some of the common ones you might face. Five Of The Most Common Furnace Repairs In Calgary Clogged Or Dirty Filters Perhaps one of the most common reasons why furnaces don’t work as well as they should. Clogged or dirty filters block heat coming out, meaning you are wasting energy without any output. You can easily prevent this by getting furnace duct cleaning regularly.…

3 Reasons Why It Is Important To Have A Humidifier in Calgary

Dry air can make you uncomfortable and lead to a variety of problems. A humidifier raises the humidity of the air in your home to a comfortable and stable level, which provides a number of benefits. Check out these three reasons why it’s important to have a Calgary humidifier in your home. 1. A Humidifier from a Calgary Heating Company Helps Promote Better Health Your respiratory system, skin, and hair suffer from dry air; having a Calgary heating company install a humidifier in your home can make a big difference. Properly humidified air can help you avoid flu and colds,…

What is a Zoned Heating System?

Have you noticed that different rooms or areas in your house are warmer or cooler than others?  Your south facing kitchen is likely warmer than your north facing bedroom and the thermostat that controls the heat in both rooms is located in the hallway, which likely has a different temperature too.  There are lots of reasons why areas of your house might be a different temperature than others, but there is a way to regulate those temperatures so the entire house feels comfortable. Zoning heating systems involves having multiple thermostats throughout your house that are all wired to one control…

Get Ready for Cooler Temperatures in Calgary With Routine Furnace Maintenance

Cooler temperatures are here as the leaves change colours and the mornings feel brisk. Get ready to stay warm during the coming winter by scheduling a routine furnace cleaning Calgary.  
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